Edinburgh has over 700 pubs to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets and whilst I can wine and dine in some of the finest watering holes, I can also sup in some of the worst as well.

These are some of my favourite pubs if you fancy wetting your whistle in an establishment that cuts it with most folk. I would recommend these pubs to anyone who is looking for good food, well-kept ales, live music, good service and an all-round decent night out.

However, if you fancy somewhere a bit more ‘down at heel’, have a look at 5 of the best of the worst pubs in my humble opinion. These pubs that I have chosen have their own unique characteristics and charm. They cater for the less discerning clientele, although you can expect a decent pint and a reasonable price if nothing else – that’s probably the only Unique Selling Point (‘USP’).

You will find whatever you are looking for here in Edinburgh. Museums, arts, fine dining, outdoor spaces, history, heritage, monuments galore (there are between 150 and 200) – Scotland’s capital city has you covered. Where else can you find a bagpiper standing on a street corner in a city with a castle for you to explore and a dormant volcano (Arthur’s Seat) to climb and enjoy panoramic views across the city?

If you find yourself eating out around Edinburgh and your standards and expectations are not met, you may find this blog useful to refer to.

Do you think that these are 5 of the best of the worst pubs in Edinburgh? Do you have any favourite pubs around Edinburgh that you can recommend?

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