About My Book and Me

Are you fed up with being fobbed off by incompetent staff that laughably call themselves ‘Sales Representatives’ or ‘Customer Service Advisors’ when you have a legitimate complaint?

Do you think that this is the way of the world and there is nothing you can do about it?  Think again!

I can tell you how to effectively complain and get fast results and good compensation with the minimum of effort and fuss with my skills, knowledge and expertise.

My book spans 7 consumer laws, the Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act, Small Claims, the role of the Ombudsman + various aspects of the Road Traffic Act including pothole claims, parking tickets, car hire contracts and other motoring scenarios over 3 jurisdictions namely the Isle of Man, Scotland and England and Wales.

The final section of this book looks at various motoring offences including how to submit pothole claims, contest parking tickets and dispute alleged speeding offences including a real-life case where I successfully contested an alleged speeding offence by interpreting the Road Traffic Act and quoting the law back to the Police trying to enforce the law.

I have referred to real life cases to give you the tools to win disputes with templates and guidance on legislation to seal your case from the outset and secure a quick resolution in your favour.

I have even included contact details that you would need to complete your case.

It is clear cut and easy to follow with many templates and real-life cases which everyone can relate to, with advice you won’t find anywhere else to tip the odds in your favour.

The inspiration for writing this book was brought about by fighting and winning a wide variety of consumer related cases alone, which revolved around poor customer service and blatant fraud in one instance by a well-known car dealership.

I am a highly qualified professional with an A Level in Law who has spent nearly 20 years working in offshore finance spanning banking, regulation and tax planning so I am well versed in conducting in-depth due diligence on Companies and individuals to ascertain the ownership and control of small firms through to PLCs and scrutinising legislation.

My last role in financial services was as an Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Manager for a global Bank quality checking fraud and money laundering reports, so I have a keen eye for detail and I can quickly gauge which direction to take on any case. 

BBC Radio Scotland and the Daily Mail have interviewed me as a consumer expert for programmes and features. 

Take a look at my other website www.awriterinedinburgh.com to see how you can work with me.

My book is on sale now as an e-book priced £2.99 and on paperback via Amazon at £7.99.

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