GDPR / Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulation 2018 breaches

General Data Protection Regulation 2018 breaches are frequently making headline news. One case came to my attention via a complaints forum which shines a spotlight on clear breaches and a lack of regard to the General Data Protection laws. Car dealerships and poor...

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GDPR – Your Personal Data and Consumer Rights

Ad – How Rightly Can Help You Control Your Data Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how their personal data is processed, especially now with the introduction of ‘track and trace’ on paper and through apps. Companies are responsible for keeping your...

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Misuse of personal data and fraud

Misuse of personal data and fraud is a growing problem that is becoming increasingly sophisticated. This is an interesting case which raises a number of unique issues and concerns across a whole spectrum of legislation. BACKGROUND A customer received a phone call...

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Misdirected post and Data Protection

BACKGROUND A colleague told me about a long-standing problem with misdirected post and data protection she had with a well known pensions and life insurance provider which features a female grim reaper in its adverts. Can you guess the brand that I am referring to?...

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GDPR Act 2018 and the misuse of data

BACKGROUND People who have not proceeded with the purchase of a vehicle from car dealerships are being sent MOT reminders, which is a misuse of data and a breach of the GDPR Act 2018. This may seem innocuous on the face of it, but in reality this is a clear misuse of...

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Morrisons found liable for staff data breach

Morrisons were found liable for a staff data breach, which was widely reported in the media. BACKGROUND A disgruntled former employee leaked the salaries, National Insurance details, dates of birth and bank account details of nearly 100,000 staff members and sent the...

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