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Why it is important to use good manners

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE GOOD MANNERS One thing that was always instilled in to me as a child was to say 'please' and 'thank you'. I would be surprised if my upbringing was unique in that respect, so why is it so rare for people to actually do it nowadays? This has...

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Loyalty points and contracts – what you need to know

LOYALTY POINTS AND CONTRACTS - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW  I am being asked some interesting questions from those who have read the Daily Mail feature I took part in here One question that was put to me went like this; "My wife went with Boots opticians because they gave...

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How to encourage customer loyalty

HOW TO ENCOURAGE CUSTOMER LOYALTY I wrote about the importance of great customer service here recently and why it's good to complain here, so it's only fair that I should write about why it is important for firms to encourage customer loyalty. I am prolific on...

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Broadband problems and your rights

BROADBAND PROBLEMS AND YOUR RIGHTS The inspiration behind this blog came from a Facebook message from a friend saying that his internet was playing up, noting that it comes on for 1 minute and goes off for 30 minutes at a time. He elaborated by saying that he was with...

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WHSmith ranked as UK’s worst retailer

WHSMITH RANKED AS UK'S WORST RETAILER It was reported in today's press at the time of writing this that WHSmith has been ranked as the worst retailer in a nationwide survey of shoppers by Which? members. You can read the article here They were criticised for offering...

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Why it is good to complain

WHY IT IS GOOD TO COMPLAIN I thought I would touch on this simply because there appears to be a tendency (or maybe a cultural aspect among British people) not to complain for a few reasons; It's considered being negative by complaining We don't like confrontation or...

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