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My Year in Review – 2021 into 2022

Well, 2021 has been quite a year! My profile shot through the roof overnight when I was featured in the Daily Mail as 1 of 5 of the top consumer champions in the UK. I am seen as a go-to expert now for many journalists, local and national radio stations and the media...

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The hidden agenda behind smart meters

The hidden agenda behind smart meters has been raised as a result of the Government and industry sponsoring this initiative. Questions are being asked if this is in the best interests of consumers. BACKGROUND  Smart meters are being promoted as a way of ending...

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Shopping safely online – advice for consumers

WHAT SHOULD CONSUMERS DO WHEN SHOPPING SAFELY ONLINE? Shopping safely online is more important than ever now as it brings various risks of being caught out by scams and fraud. It is important that you take various measures to protect yourself when shopping online,...

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How The Grumpy Git can help you with complaints

COMPLAINTS AND DISPUTES Are you struggling to resolve a complaint? Not getting anywhere in returning your faulty goods and getting a refund? Sick of being fobbed off and getting nowhere? Had an awful takeaway or experience at a restaurant and feel short-changed? Hit a...

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The importance of great customer service

The importance of great customer service is something that matters more than ever now in a post-Covid world. Firms that were renowned for poor customer service before Covid are now using Covid as an excuse for the same dismal customer service and experience. Bad...

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Reverse burden of proof explained

The reverse burden of proof is an integral part of consumer legislation and reinforces your consumer rights. BACKGROUND I was sold a crock by Evans Halshaw that lasted little more than 11 weeks that did not meet the Consumer Rights Act 2015. They insisted that they...

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