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Reverse burden of proof explained

The reverse burden of proof is an integral part of consumer legislation and reinforces your consumer rights. BACKGROUND I was sold a crock by Evans Halshaw that lasted little more than 11 weeks that did not meet the Consumer Rights Act 2015. They insisted that they...

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My blog is 5 years old!

My blog is 5 years old! It’s been quite a journey and I never knew what it would involve when I set about it all. If someone had said that this would consume your life and explained what was involved, I may have had second thoughts. No regrets though. I have come...

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Concert ticket problems and your consumer rights

Concert ticket problems and your consumer rights is something that people are facing now that lockdown restrictions are easing. Boris Johnson has laid out a roadmap to reopen the economy and give some certainty to the hospitality industry. The official date set is...

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Faulty sofas and your consumer rights

I was asked for advice on problems with a faulty sofa with a well-known retailer that cost £1,000. Problems with faulty sofas and consumer rights appears to be a common problem, so I was surprised it has taken so long to hit my radar. BACKGROUND The customer asked on...

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Why it is important to use good manners

One thing that was always instilled in to me as a child was to say 'please' and 'thank you' and why it is important to use good manners. I would be surprised if my upbringing was unique in that respect, so why is it so rare for people to actually do it nowadays? This...

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