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Banks to refund fraud victims

BANKS TO REFUND FRAUD VICTIMS - 18/02/2019 I wrote about victims of bank scams possibly being eligible for refunds on 22/01/2019 following a landmark ruling against Santander, which you can read here;...

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Victims of bank scams could be eligible for refunds

VICTIMS OF BANK SCAMS COULD BE ELIGIBLE FOR REFUNDS - 22/01/2019 Thousands of fraud victims that have been deceived in to handing over their life savings could now get their money back following a landmark ruling by the Financial Ombudsman. The Financial Ombudsman has...

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Crackdown on high interest ‘rent to own’ firms

CRACKDOWN ON HIGH INTEREST 'RENT TO OWN' FIRMS - 31/05/2018 I wrote about this industry back in December 2016 which was unregulated at that time and I thought that it was only a matter of time before this was reined in, so I was pleased to see that the Financial...

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Bank fraud – dial 555

BANK FRAUD - DIAL 555 BBC Rip Off Britain have discussed this new proposed hotline to combat fraud. This idea is being developed by Government ministers, finance chiefs and the Police. There are more than 5,000 cases of fraud every day in the UK, so you can see the...

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