Hays Travel flew to the rescue and saved 2500 jobs

I read how Hays Travel flew to the rescue and saved 2500 jobs and it is a fascinating story. John and Irene Hays were meant to be in Japan watching the Rugby World Cup. Instead they found themselves competing against two other bidders for the shops to salvage what was...

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St Ninian’s Isle – Shetland

St Ninian's Isle is a 'must see' attraction in Shetland and is the largest natural tombolo in the UK. I visited Shetland on a fly / drive holiday in the summer of 2011 for the first time simply because it was a place that I was just fascinated with. I wrote a blog...

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Child electrocuted on holiday in Greece

A family on a boat and sightseeing trip shared a story about their child being electrocuted on holiday in Greece with me. BACKGROUND A Mother, her two daughters and 2 year-old baby (grandchild) were on holiday in a hotel booked with Thomas Cook. The baby put her...

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5 Of The Best Of The Worst Pubs in Edinburgh

5 OF THE BEST OF THE WORST PUBS IN EDINBURGH Edinburgh has over 700 pubs to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets and whilst I can wine and dine in some of the finest watering holes, I can also sup in some of the worst as well. These are some of my favourite pubs...

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Hotel booking sites forced to end misleading sales

Hotel booking sites are being forced to end misleading sales following a ruling by the Competitions and Market Authority. BACKGROUND The Competition and Markets Authority ('CMA') began investigating Expedia,, Agoda,, ebookers and Trivago in June...

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Gibraltar monkeys – a must see attraction

A friend of mine relocated from the Isle of Man a few years ago to live in Southern Spain and works part-time in Gibraltar, and a random chat about the monkeys gave me the inspiration to ghost-write a blog. I have visited Gibraltar a couple of times, the last time...

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