Fraud / Scams

Facebook fraud – what you need to know

This Facebook fraud case came to my attention from someone who bought my book and contacted me afterwards. BACKGROUND This lady tried to buy a product from a Facebook advert which was originally over £100 and reduced to £74. She proceeded to buy it, the goods never...

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SIM phone card scam – what you need to know

BACKGROUND The SIM phone card scam was reported as far back as 2014 when a gang of fraudsters hijacked mobile phone accounts to defraud Vodafone customers of £2.8m by making £2.50 a minute calls to a premium rate number. This was done by the fraudsters assigning the...

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Phishing e-mail fraud – what you need to know

Phishing e-mail fraud is an ever increasing problem and this is what you need to know so you can deal with it. BACKGROUND I received an e-mail purporting to be from PayPal earlier in December asking me to update my card details that were registered on my PayPal...

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Watch battery scam – what you need to know

I had a fascinating conversation with a retired horologist (watchmaker) about a watch battery scam and what you need to know. BACKGROUND I have a dress watch that I often wear for going out as many people do and as it's a designer brand, it's fair to say that it...

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Amazon fraud – what you need to know

I fell victim to what appears to be a fairly common Amazon fraud that could happen to anyone, so this is what you need to know. BACKGROUND I ordered a mobile phone that was priced at about £25 below the retail price at Argos and arranged for it to be delivered to my...

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Contactless fraud – what you need to know

Contactless fraud is on the rise and is now outstripping cheque fraud, with £5.6m being lost in the first half of 2017 alone compared to £5.3m connected with fraudulent cheques. This has come to light in view of the desire for the contactless limit to be increased...

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