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Victims of Nigerian scams could get refunds

Thousands of victims of Nigerian scams could get refunds, even those who have been conned over the years in to handing over their life savings with no hope of ever recovering their money up to now. Money Transfer firm Western Union has been forced by US regulators to...

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eBay fraud – what you need to know

BACKGROUND eBay fraud is an increasing problem and this is what you need to know as this is one of various scams that people can easily fall for. A lady telephoned Nationwide and asked if she would be protected if the bank transfer that she was proposing to make for a...

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PayPal fraud – what you need to know

PayPal fraud is on the rise and this is what you need to know to avoid being caught out. BACKGROUND I received an e-mail with a PayPal receipt which I deleted as I thought it was spam. It transpires that PayPal never send spam e-mails and I was able to recall it to...

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Latest scams

LATEST SCAMS - 11/07/2017 I generally don't see that many scams in the work that I do as an Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud and Investigations Manager for a global Bank funnily enough, although I am in tune with various common trends that I thought I would share with you...

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The oldest scam and fraud in the world

The Shetland Times wrote about the oldest scam and fraud in the world. This can happen to anyone, and it did to an elderly pensioner who lives on the remote Island of Unst. Unst is literally at the top of the British Isles and is the most Northerly inhabited Island in...

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Christmas gift card rip-off – what you need to know

A Christmas gift card is a popular option to enable your loved ones to spend at their favourite stores, although there are hidden rip-offs you need to know.  Given the way the high street is with so many firms going bust all the time, it is something you need to give...

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