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Tesco Clubcard problems – what you need to know

One of my followers asked me about Tesco Clubcard problems and sought my advice on how to resolve an issue she was faced with. BACKGROUND “I wondered if you'd ever had any complaints come your way about the Tesco Clubcard vouchers and redeeming it. I'm furious with...

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Exploding Aldi candles and your consumer rights

A follower on my Twitter account @grumpy_g1t raised a frightening experience with an exploding Aldi candle, which casts a spotlight on your consumer rights. BACKGROUND This customer bought one of the Jo Malone copy Aldi candles, left her living room for a few moments...

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My year in review – 2019 in to 2020

What a year 2019 has been! I could never have predicted the outcomes, opportunities and success that I have had this year and it goes without saying that I appreciate the support, reviews, recommendations and help from so many of my followers. I made it my New Year’s...

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Why it is important to use good manners

One thing that was always instilled in to me as a child was to say 'please' and 'thank you' and why it is important to use good manners. I would be surprised if my upbringing was unique in that respect, so why is it so rare for people to actually do it nowadays? This...

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Loyalty points and contracts – what you need to know

I was asked about loyalty points and contracts by someone who read the Daily Mail feature I took part in. It is a problem that crops up in various guises, and I have also been asked about Tesco Clubcard problems. BACKGROUND "My wife went with Boots opticians because...

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How to encourage customer loyalty

I wrote about the importance of great customer service and why it is good to complain, so it's only fair that I should write why it is important for firms to encourage customer loyalty. I am prolific on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor and each...

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