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Pandemic – My Story and coronavirus experience

Pandemic – My Story A pandemic struck the UK with a vengeance in March 2020 and whilst everyone was aware of it sweeping through Europe with catastrophic results, nobody was prepared for the impact it would have on life as we know it in the UK. Scott developed...

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National Tell A Story Day Evans Halshaw

It's National Tell A Story Day today and whilst I can recite plenty of random and funny tales, I thought it would be appropriate to elaborate on my own story connected to this blog with Evans Halshaw. WHERE IT BEGAN Once upon a time with Evans Halshaw (February 2015...

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Tesco Clubcard vouchers – what you need to know

One of my followers asked me about redeeming Tesco Clubcard vouchers and sought my advice on how to resolve a problem she was faced with. BACKGROUND “I wondered if you'd ever had any complaints come your way about the Tesco Clubcard vouchers and redeeming it. I'm...

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Exploding Aldi candles and your consumer rights

A follower on my Twitter account @grumpy_g1t raised a frightening experience with an exploding Aldi candle, which casts a spotlight on your consumer rights. BACKGROUND This customer bought one of the Jo Malone copy Aldi candles, left her living room for a few moments...

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My year in review – 2019 in to 2020

What a year 2019 has been! I could never have predicted the outcomes, opportunities and success that I have had this year and it goes without saying that I appreciate the support, reviews, recommendations and help from so many of my followers. I made it my New Year’s...

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Pandemic-My story

The Grumpy Git - Pandemic

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