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What are Consumer Champions and how can they help you?

Are you struggling to get a refund? Are you experiencing issues with a company that isn’t playing fair? If you need help asserting your consumer rights then help is on hand in the form of a new wave of Consumer Champions. What are they and how can they help you? The...

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Poor mobile phone coverage – your consumer rights

Poor mobile phone coverage is an ongoing problem no matter where you live, hence why I have chosen to shine a spotlight on your consumer rights. You may be told by your telecoms provider that you will incur a cancellation charge if you wish to switch to another...

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Online shopping and failed deliveries – your rights

A popular fob-off with online shopping and failed deliveries is being told by the retailer that you need to contact the courier firm. Another problem with online shopping is the question of who is responsible for collecting faulty goods. RESPONSIBILITY The retailer is...

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How The Grumpy Git can help you with complaints

COMPLAINTS AND DISPUTES Are you struggling to resolve a complaint? Not getting anywhere in returning your faulty goods and getting a refund? Sick of being fobbed off and getting nowhere? Had an awful takeaway or experience at a restaurant and feel short-changed? Hit a...

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