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Why it is good to complain – the benefits

I believe that it is good to complain, although there appears to be a tendency (or maybe a cultural aspect among British people) not to complain for a few reasons; It's considered being negative by complaining We don't like confrontation or be seen as making a fuss...

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Huawei phones – your consumer rights

Huawei phones is an interesting and unique case that shines a spotlight on how to assert your consumer rights. BACKGROUND The trade wars between the USA and China impacted on Huawei phones being able to work with Google to provide software updates for the Android...

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Flowers that only last a couple of days – what to do

One thing that I enjoy as a writer and consumer champion is sharing different stories and issues with you to raise awareness of your consumer rights. BACKGROUND A daughter bought her Mother some flowers that only lasted a couple of days from Marks & Spencer. Her...

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Should retailers arrange collection of faulty goods?

I get asked all sorts of questions that create good content to share with my followers, and being asked if retailers should arrange collection of faulty goods is interesting. BACKGROUND I got a ride-on lawnmower that needs a repair and the dealer I bought it off are...

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The importance of great customer service

BACKGROUND A story about a Mother and autistic child that were refused a flight with Ryanair at Alicante airport flagged the importance of great customer service for all the wrong reasons. Ryanair tried to charge a £25 carry-on fee for the child's comfort doll and all...

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Why you need to quote correct legislation on complaints

Why you need to quote the correct legislation on complaints should be obvious to everyone. If you ever wonder why so many people fall at the first hurdle and do not succeed in winning claims on consumer disputes, this explains it. BACKGROUND Someone had a faulty door...

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