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The Savvy Sisters – Scott’s Money Matters Series

Welcome to my new guest series where I invite fellow bloggers to write about their blog, how they make money from it and share their top tips and success stories. I would like to give a warm welcome to Rachel, who is one half of The Savvy Sisters, to tell me all about...

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Banks to refund fraud victims new compensation scheme

BACKGROUND Banks are to refund fraud victims via a new compensation scheme following a landmark ruling against Santander. Customers have been conned by increasingly sophisticated frauds and banks have been refusing to pay compensation in cases where neither they nor...

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Victims of bank scams could be eligible for refunds

BACKGROUND Victims of bank scams could be eligible for refunds. Thousands of fraud victims that have been deceived in to handing over their life savings could now get their money back following a landmark ruling by the Financial Ombudsman. OMBUDSMAN RULING The...

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Crackdown on high interest ‘rent to own’ firms

I wrote about 'rent-to-own firms' in December 2016 which was unregulated at that time, and I thought that it was only a matter of time before this was reined in and regulated in a similar way to payday companies. I correctly predicted that would happen and the...

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BrightHouse to pay £14.8m compensation

Rent-to-own firm BrightHouse has been ordered to pay £14.8m to 249,000 customers. I correctly predicted that 'rent-to-own firms' would eventually be regulated in a similar way to payday companies. The Financial Conduct Authority ('FCA') has launched a crackdown on...

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Could ‘rent to own’ firms become regulated?

COULD 'RENT TO OWN' FIRMS BECOME REGULATED IN A SIMILAR WAY TO PAY DAY COMPANIES?  The BBC have featured this story again on their breakfast show at the time of writing this, and I believe it's worth looking at given that they target the most vulnerable people in...

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