What to look for when hiring a car

Hiring a car brings a multitude of risks, pitfalls and rip-offs which are often buried in the small print that you cannot avoid agreeing to if you wish to proceed. With that in mind, here are my top tips on what to look for when hiring a car. Inspect the hire car...

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Auto Trader adverts – what you need to know

I was asked about Auto Trader adverts by someone who bought a car via that platform. The first thing to bear in mind is that any advert is not a legally binding contract and is simply ‘an invitation to treat’. This means that you are merely invited to make an offer....

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Motorist beats speeding fine on temporary roadworks

A motorist who bought my book explained to me how he used my advice to beat a speeding fine on temporary roadworks. BACKGROUND A motorist was on his way to work on the M5 and was allegedly caught speeding through temporary roadworks. He was adamant that he wasn’t...

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Obscured Road Signs

How to respond to obscured road signs and understand your rights if you are prosecuted as a result of an obscured road sign.

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Warranties – what you need to know

This question was put to me after the Daily Mail feature that I took part in, hence writing about warranties and what you need to know. BACKGROUND "I bought a second-hand car in October 2018 and it has been a nightmare. I paid about £3,200 + my old car in exchange....

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Private parking tickets – what you need to know

BACKGROUND I know that this is a hot topic and a bone of contention with every motorist, so here are my top tips on how you can get private parking tickets cancelled. This is an unregulated industry that revolves around contract law with nearly 7m speculative invoices...

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