Northumberland tops national list for pothole repairs

A feature stating that Northumberland tops a national list for pothole repairs is being mooted as a success story. although it depends on which side of the fence you view it. Northumberland is a large county with over 3,000 miles of roads, many of which are rural and...

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Parking tickets and appeals – how to fight back

This case came to light from a friend who bought my book to see if she could cancel a parking ticket. I actually spoke about this with the Daily Mail when I was featured as 1 of 5 of the best consumer champions in the UK. I have published a few blogs on parking...

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Rejecting cars on finance – what you need to know

Rejecting cars on finance is a problem I see virtually every day. This is an interesting case that came to my attention given the various consumer laws it spans. BACKGROUND A customer rejected a car on finance after 3 months under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, only to...

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Motorist is told to pay £1,260 parking fine

BACKGROUND A motorist has been told to pay a £1,260 fine in a pay-and-display area behind an Iceland store where he works by a Scottish Court in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. His car was ticketed over several months and he chose not to pay the £60 tickets or...

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Problems with car repairs – what you need to know

Occasionally someone contacts me direct via this website on problems with car repairs. I am more than happy to help anyone that is struggling to resolve complaints especially with car dealerships, as I have personally had a few bad experiences that inspired me to...

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