Overcrowded trains and the Consumer Rights Act

Hardly a day goes by without the media reporting endless problems with train cancellations and delays, and overcrowded trains is no exception. The end of August marks the end of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and suffice to say, there are never enough trains laid on to...

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Train delays, cancellations and compensation – part 2

TRAIN DELAYS, CANCELLATIONS AND COMPENSATION - PART 2 I wrote about my Christmas travel problems in a blog here which I thought I had resolved as I was promised a full refund. I should know by now at my age that I was being somewhat naive and optimistic to expect such...

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Unsatisfactory meals and compensation claims

UNSATISFACTORY MEALS AND COMPENSATION CLAIMS  It came to my attention from speaking to my sister that there had been quite a few complaints on Facebook and Tripadvisor about Christmas Day meals at a local pub in my old home town of Prudhoe. This is primarily a venue...

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Should I pay in my home currency when I travel abroad?

Should I pay in my home currency when I travel abroad? is a question that most people ask themselves, hence sharing my experience with you. This neatly links in with Dynamic Currency Conversion, which is one of many pitfalls to watch out for when you travel away from...

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Dynamic Currency Conversion – what you need to know

Dynamic currency conversion is used to describe the process (or con in my language) by which credit / debit card holders, when making a payment abroad, have the cost of a transaction converted to their home currency at the point of sale. This neatly links in to...

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