Unsatisfactory meals and compensation claims

Unsatisfactory meals and compensation claims falls within the Consumer Rights Act 2015. You have a right for meals to be prepared with due skill and care. You also have a right for the food to be satisfactory, fit for purpose and as described. BACKGROUND The scenario...

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Should I pay in my home currency when I travel abroad?

'Should I pay in my home currency when I travel abroad?' is a question that many people ask themselves, hence sharing my experience with you. This neatly links in with Dynamic Currency Conversion, which is one of many pitfalls to watch out for when you travel away...

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Air passenger duty – what you need to know

A complaint against EasyJet about Air Passenger Duty in the Isle of Man press inspired me to elaborate on what you need to know. First of all, Easyjet is a 'point to point' carrier and does not operate direct flights from the Isle of Man to Faro in Portugal. You have...

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EasyJet refund victory – a landmark ruling

This EasyJet refund victory was published by the Isle of Man local press on 30 September 2016, which could have been lifted straight out of my book. BACKGROUND This well-known media figure refused to be fobbed off and ignored by EasyJet and asked for proof to evidence...

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Package holidays – what you need to know

PACKAGE HOLIDAYS, SCHOOL AND BUSINESS TRIPS - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Did you know that package holidays, school and business trips are covered by the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangement Regulations 2018? This is usually referred to as the Package Travel...

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Pandemic-My story

The Grumpy Git - Pandemic

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