Councils across the UK have cut pothole compensation pay-outs by 40% in 5 years, which coincides with a steep rise in the number of successful claims made against local authorities.



Claims handlers are mitigating claims by using various tactics to discourage claimants. Edinburgh City Council’s (ECC) claim handlers tried that with me without success and paid out within 48 hours of my response.

I gave up riding scooters around Edinburgh 6 months later after over 20 years of trouble-free motoring simply because the roads are too dangerous and not fit for purpose.

As I stated in my e-mail to the Claims Handlers, I have seen better maintained farm tracks than the roads around Edinburgh. They are officially the worst in the UK with more potholes per square mile than anywhere else.


The local authorities have a statutory requirement to maintain the roads and having seen how Edinburgh City Council ‘repair’ potholes with photos to evidence their work, I can safely say that this is not being done to an acceptable standard.

A Freedom of Information Request would reveal the inspection records of a road where pothole damage has taken place. I doubt that the roads are inspected as frequently as they should be. You can use this as part of your ammunition to succeed in getting a full pay-out for any damage caused by these craters.

I spoke about pothole repairs with the Edinburgh Evening News after I submitted a Freedom of Information Request.

You have a 54% chance of succeeding on average across the UK and a 29% chance with Edinburgh City Council, yet this rate would rise much further if motorists knew precisely how to uphold their claims. Northumberland County Council tops the UK national list for pothole repairs and pay-outs at 60% of all claims made, although I question the quality and standard that we are measuring this against.

Claims and repair costs are soaring, yet councils are cutting pay-outs. This is simply unacceptable. If councils are not repairing potholes properly or compensating motorists, where is the money going?

What are your thoughts on Councils cutting pothole pay-outs? Have you won a pothole claim?

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