One thing that I enjoy as a writer and consumer champion is sharing different stories and issues with you to raise awareness of your consumer rights. Flowers that only last a couple of days is a great example which covers consumer rights and customer service.


A daughter bought her Mother some flowers that only lasted a couple of days from Marks & Spencer.

Her Mother mentioned it afterwards, so the daughter dug the receipt out and went to Customer Services to explain what had happened.


The flowers only cost £3, although the fact remains that they did not last for an acceptable length of time. This falls under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 which states that goods and products should be;

  • Fit for purpose
  • As described
  • Satisfactory quality
  • Lasts a reasonable length of time

Services ought to be carried out with due skill and care.

The flowers clearly did not meet that criteria, so M & S arranged for a £25 voucher and an apology for the inconvenience to be sent in the post afterwards.

It’s worth noting that if the flowers were reduced to clear, you cannot expect the same outcome or even consider complaining about the quality.

It’s all relative in line with what you paid and your expectations, and the litmus test is “what would a reasonable person expect?”



This is a great example of the importance of firms providing great customer service and how to encourage customer loyalty. In an era where everything is much the same, the one thing that sets a firm apart is exemplary and consistent customer service.

Suffice to say, the Mother has happily recited this story to family and friends far and wide and is now a great ambassador for M & S and their brand. It is easy to complain, although it is only fair that firms who do get it right are recognised for doing so.

What examples can you give of great customer service?

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