Are you struggling to resolve a complaint? Not getting anywhere in returning your faulty goods and getting a refund? Sick of being fobbed off and getting nowhere? Had an awful takeaway or experience at a restaurant and feel short-changed? Hit a pothole and don’t know how to cut through the legalese jargon and fob-offs from the claims handlers? Struggling to get compensation? Read the book and blog and still struggling to resolve your dispute? The Grumpy Git can help you with complaints.

There is plenty of free advice on my blog and I often give advice on my Facebook page and Twitter via comments on Tweets. I have spent hundreds of hours of research in writing my book with templates so you can easily get results every time.


The majority of disputes fall within the Consumer Rights Act 2015, although many firms are making it increasingly difficult for consumers to complain. This is leaving people like you stuck and not knowing where to turn or what to do next. Does that sound familiar?



If so, I can help. I have many years of successfully resolving complaints and disputes under my belt. As a consumer rights expert, I know how to easily crack the most difficult of consumer issues and motoring disputes and get results every time.

Resolving complaints takes time – from looking at the correspondence, gauging the direction to take it and providing specific advice. I can, for a fee, scrutinise your complaint and give you bespoke advice to unlock your dispute and seek redress.

I can do all the hard work and slice through everything by phone or a Zoom call to resolve your complaints and disputes. I will look at your complaint in advance and we can discuss it so you can get the outcome you want and deserve.



Provide a short outline of the complaint in the first instance and I can give you alternative suggestions or rewrite it for a nominal fee.

Tell me the make and model of the item, date you bought it, payment method, the faults and responses on a timeline. Bullet point it to make it easy to read and follow.

Contact me with a brief outline of your case and I will be in touch if I can help you further.

I am in the business of saving you time, money and stress in finding solutions to your complaints and disputes.

The Grumpy Git gets results every time.

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