How to Complain: The Consumer Guide to Resolve Complaints and Motoring Disputes

Do you know how to complain effectively? Are you fed up of being fobbed off when you have a legitimate complaint?

Do you simply think it’s the way of the world and there is nothing you can do about it? Think again!

I can show you how to effectively complain to get fast results and good compensation with the minimum of effort and fuss on your part. This isn’t about complaining for the sake of it – this is about effectively complaining to hold individuals and firms to account, seek redress, raise standards and improve customer service for everyone.

My book spans 7 consumer laws including the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) 2018, Freedom of Information Act, Small Claims, the Misrepresentation Act 1967, the role of the Ombudsman and various aspects of the Road Traffic Act including pothole claims, parking tickets, speeding offences, car hire contracts and other motoring scenarios over 3 jurisdictions namely the Isle of Man, Scotland and England and Wales.

Throughout the book I refer to real life cases and give you all the tools you need to win disputes. There are templates and guidance on legislation to seal your case from the outset and secure a quick resolution in your favour.

This second edition has been updated due to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018 (GDPR), which has replaced the Data Protection Act 1998 (2002 in the Isle of Man).

How to Complain: The Consumer Guide to Resolve Complaints and Motoring Disputes can be read on any electronic device and as a paperback.

You can see me here discussing the legality of road signs and speeding tickets

Reviews of How to Complain: The Consumer Guide to Resolve Complaints and Motoring Disputes

Sarah – A great book to resolve and win consumer issues with ruthless retailers.

I reclaimed £23K from Evans Halshaw due to the advice given in this book. The dealers were ruthless and it took me 3 months because at first I didn’t know the law. If you’ve a problem then this book will clarify your rights and good procedure and will save you a lot of time and money. My problems were a recall on the sunroof, mis-sold advert, a faulty display cluster, a broken door handle and a repair that didn’t solve the issue. I am again using the advice to take Radmore and Tucker to court for a faulty Kombi tool attachment which is lightly used and only 3 years old under the consumer rights law.

Wiggy – This book helped me get my £4500 refund! 

I purchased a car from EVANS HALSHAW/CAR STORE and the car started suffering from faults within 2 weeks and I asked for a full refund but the store were trying to fob me off. I found a Facebook page called Evans Halshaw Rip offs and posted the issues I was having with the store. I was recommended this book by a lovely helpful lady on the page. The book covers in detail what I needed to do to get my refund including clear examples. The book covers a broad range of consumer rights and how to deal with issues should they arise. This book helped me get my £4500 back!

MTP – A very worthwhile guide

Thought the book was easy to read and understand. It has been extremely useful tool whilst I am in dispute with a car dealer. Would recommend anyone who has issues to get this book as saves a lot of time in understanding your rights as a consumer, and what action you can take.

Alison – A huge help to the consumer, a must buy

I bought this book as I’m currently going through a dispute with a local car dealership. We were being advised by Trading Standards too but what I found with this book is Scott explains the legal process clearly and definitely for the general consumer. For someone who has no knowledge of consumer law or what our rights are this book helped massively. I was able to use letter formats from the book for all of our correspondence. It really did help guide me.

Top Consumer Champion Lady Janey’s review

The Grumpy Git in the media

Scott Dixon is a consumer expert who has been featured in the Daily Mail as 1 of 5 of the best consumer champions in the UK. He has also appeared in the local and national media covering consumer issues and specialising in motoring disputes. He also regularly takes part in BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Clever About Cash’ consumer programmes giving advice to listeners on motoring issues.

The Daily Telegraph has featured him giving advice on tenancy agreements and disputes with rogue landlords. He has also been featured in the Daily Mirror with Consumer Lawyer Dean Dunham providing guidance on how to dispute parking tickets in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Daily Mail sought his opinion as a consumer law expert on a legal blunder where the police and local authorities do not have the powers to charge motorists for towing and impounding vehicles.

He has also been in The Times speaking about Covid inflation and The Metro giving motoring money saving tips.


Are you struggling to resolve a complaint? Read the book and blog and still struggling to resolve your dispute? If so, Scott can help. He has many years of successfully resolving complaints and disputes under his belt, and he knows how to easily crack the most difficult of consumer issues and motoring disputes and get results every time.

Resolving complaints takes time – from looking at the correspondence, gauging the direction to take it and providing specific advice. He can, for a fee, scrutinise your complaint and give you bespoke advice to unlock your dispute and seek redress.

Contact him with a brief outline of your case and he will be in touch if he can help you further.


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