I wrote about the importance of great customer service and why it is good to complain, so it’s only fair that I should write why it is important for firms to encourage customer loyalty.

I am prolific on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor and each platform has a different style and focus.

My Facebook page The Complaints Resolver is linked to this consumer blog. I also use Instagram and Twitter ‘grumpy_g1t’ as other platforms and my website www.awriterinedinburgh.com showcases my writing and services.

My TripAdvisor account ‘awriterinedinburgh’ is a standalone account where I convey my honest appraisals on venues primarily around Edinburgh where I live. This is a popular platform and I have over 55,000 readers to date.

LinkedIn is what it is.

However, the point I am making is that most of the time firms do not know who their customers are and what they do for a living.


A great example of this is last Christmas in Benidorm where I found a great small chippy called Northern Sole in the Old Town which had only been open for a few months. I knew I had found something unique here and I articulated my experience on TripAdvisor, where my comment on one of the dishes is in the highlights on their page to this day.



I have recommended this business on many occasions via Facebook and on blogs as a shining example of how a business can succeed against all odds by focusing on 3 fundamentals;

  • Treating their staff well
  • Delivering what the customers want
  • Providing exceptional customer service

They didn’t know who I was until afterwards when I elaborated and thanked them for a simple meal that I enjoyed from start to finish. I returned on a couple of occasions and I couldn’t fault it. That is high praise from me as I miss nothing. I made a point of finding this business based on other recommendations and there is something to learn from there.

They treat all of their customers well and by doing so, they have received more than just a thank you from me. This chippy is now ranked in the top 1% of all places to eat in Benidorm within 12 months, which is a remarkable achievement.

Every business can learn from that. Bad experiences travel much faster than good experiences, and people have a platform to air them all nowadays (and do).

Do you think firms should do more to encourage customer loyalty?

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