I wrote about the importance of great customer service here recently and why it’s good to complain here, so it’s only fair that I should write about why it is important for firms to encourage customer loyalty.

I am prolific on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor and each platform has a different style and focus.

My Facebook page The Complaints Resolver is linked to this consumer website. My Instagram and Twitter account ‘grumpy_g1t’ is another platform I use, and my website showcases my writing and services.

My TripAdvisor account ‘awriterinedinburgh’ is a standalone account where I convey my honest appraisals on venues primarily around Edinburgh where I live. This is a popular platform and I have over 45,000 readers to date.

LinkedIn is what it is.

However, the point I am making is that most of the time firms do not know who their customers are and what they do for a living.

A great example of this is last Christmas in Benidorm where I found a great small chippy called Northern Sole in the Old Town which had only been open for a few months. I knew I had found something unique here and I articulated my experience on TripAdvisor, where my comment on one of the dishes is in the highlights on their page to this day.

I have since given this business a mention on many occasions via Facebook and on both of my websites via blogs as a recommendation and a shining example of how a business can succeed against all odds by focusing on 3 fundamentals;

  • Treating their staff well
  • Delivering what the customers want
  • Providing exceptional customer service

They didn’t know who I was until afterwards when I elaborated and thanked them for a simple meal that I enjoyed from start to finish. I returned on a couple of occasions and I couldn’t fault it. That is high praise from me as I miss nothing. I made a point of finding this business based on other recommendations and there is something to learn from there.

They didn’t know who I am but they treat all of their customers well and by doing so, they have received more than just a thank you from me.

Now there’s a lesson to be learnt from every business as bad experiences travel much faster than good experiences, and people have a platform to air them all nowadays (and do).

Do you think firms should do more to encourage customer loyalty?

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