Loyalty rarely pays with firms and this scenario with a former colleague is a textbook example on how to get top discounts by speaking to disconnections.


My former colleague was paying £43 a month for landline, broadband and a TV package with Virgin and they wanted to increase this to £58. She rang Customer Services who said that they could only knock £3.50 off it and there was nothing more they could do.


I suggested doing a comparison with Sky and to speak to the Disconnections Team armed with that knowledge to ask if they could do anything? Disconnections have much more power and leverage to give better discounts to retain existing customers. It is known in the trade as the Retentions Department.



She is now paying £42 a month and has saved about £155 which is more or less the cost of a TV licence.

Virgin usually rank at the bottom of the annual Which? Customer Survey which is released in August each year for customer service along with Ryanair, although this is a great example of how to encourage customer loyalty.

In an era where everything is much the same, the one thing that sets a firm apart is great customer service. It is cheaper to retain existing customers than it is to secure new customers, so I cannot be alone in wondering why firms take such a short-sighted approach.

I can usually knock my mobile, broadband and car insurance down year on year by speaking to the Disconnections Department, who have real clout when it comes to retaining customers and giving hefty discounts.

Utility bills are a different ball game but nevertheless, I use USwitch for finding deals that energy providers don’t have on their own systems and various comparison sites for car insurance.

What are your tactics to get the best discounts? Can you add anything to this?

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