Anyone who has been following this blog lately will know that I recently contested very slight damage to a £50 centre panel on my scooter, which was denied and only resolved on receipt of a letter from me threatening Court action.  You can read the story under my blog titled, “What to do when your vehicle is damaged in a garage”.

So far, so good, and my scooter went in recently to have 2 new tyres and the centre panel replaced.

I went to collect it, only to find it in the garage waiting to be inspected by me under the watchful eye of the Service Manager who was being difficult from the outset.  I had no qualms with that at all and I understood why he he would take that stance, only to find him waving the damaged panel afterwards saying that various cracks had since appeared and stating, “I’m just saying that it’s still there”.

My response was that the hairline crack (that could only have been caused by a cack handed mechanic) had spread due to using the scooter for commuting and to the state of the roads.

He was clearly still rankled at the fact that they had to pay for a £50 panel and was alluding that the same issue will still arise either to a fault in the manufacturer’s parts or due to my use of the scooter.  I could have got some mileage out of it but I simply didn’t see the point, given at that stage they had lost a long-standing customer and there was no going back for me.  I am not alone in voicing negative comments about the same Director and Shareholder on their social media page, although it won’t cut any ice with what is a complacent and arrogant set up based on the fact that they have the monopoly for that motorbike manufacturer in Edinburgh.

All is not lost for me, as I can simply switch manufacturer and take my custom elsewhere.  It is easier to retain a customer than it is to secure a new customer, and people are more inclined to talk about bad experiences with friends, family, work colleagues and other garages.  I have noted my experience on their social media page so their followers and the general public can gauge my experience for themselves.

All he had to do was to keep his mouth shut, be pleasant, take my money (£145 for 2 tyres every 4,000 miles) and thank me.  Not a lot to ask, but clearly it was in his eyes.

It’s fair to say that the whole experience from start to finish has lost him (and his fellow Directors and Shareholders) a customer for life, and you can’t imagine a store like Marks and Spencer resolving a complaint in this manner.

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