One recurring problem is people asking how to resolve landlord deposit disputes and reclaim their deposit at the end of a tenancy.


Tenants are covered by the Deposit Protection Scheme in England and Wales and by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in Scotland.

Unfortunately there is no protection for tenants in the Isle of Man.

By way of a brief background, the Isle of Man is not part of the UK and is a British Crown Dependency. It is a self-governing territory and is about 30 years behind everywhere else when it comes to rules and regulations.



This query came from a tenant in the Isle of Man regarding a landlord deposit dispute.

“Hi all! Reluctantly posting on here for advice (never use Facebook for this sort of thing, but I’m at my wits end). I’m currently backpacking for the next few months. I am having issues trying to get my deposit from my old landlord. I have been off the island for 2 months now. I have text/called/ emailed and Facebook messaged him repeatedly with zero response. Any pointers on where to go from here? Thanks in advance!”


Small Claims Court would resolve this if you can log on to the IoM Courts website. I’m not sure if you can electronically file the papers though. It costs about £55 or so, he has 14 days to respond (if I remember right) and if he doesn’t the judgement goes in your favour complete with all costs.

The website you need is and my website is

Hope this helps and good luck”.


Most of us have all had bad experiences with rogue landlords over the years and legislation has certainly caught up on these practices in the UK, although it clearly hasn’t in the Isle of Man.

The Small Claims Court is always the last resort when all else fails. Isle of Man residents can file Small Claims against UK firms and residents in the local Courts, although this does not work the other way round.

Scotland has its own legal system and small claims are dealt with accordingly.

I have spoken about the importance of great customer service, and landlords are no different to retailers in this sphere.

What are your experiences with rogue landlords? Have you been able to resolve landlord deposit disputes?

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