Knowing how to successfully appeal a parking ticket hinges on you proving your case on the balance of probabilities and beyond reasonable doubt.

Councils, local authorities and private parking operators rarely do anything right or by the book. The most popular appeal relates to obscure and hidden signs. All signs need to be clearly visible and to a prescribed criteria so you can make an informed decision. If signs are defective and unclear, they do not meet the prescribed criteria and statutory requirements for motorists to make an informed decision.

Illegal signs = illegal fines.

Private parking tickets are simply invoices for a breach of contract on private land. Council parking tickets are legally enforceable.



A simple template to appeal a parking ticket is as follows:

The template to contest a parking fine in the UK is as follows (amend to suit):

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Penalty Charge Notice/Fixed Penalty Notice [delete as applicable] [reference details] [date] 

I write to you in respect of the above Penalty Charge Notice issued to my vehicle which was issued for the alleged reason (description).

I wish to appeal it as the contravention did not occur for the following reasons:

(List reasons)

All signs need to be clearly visible and to a prescribed criteria so motorists can make an informed decision. If a sign is obscured and unclear, it cannot be said that the car park / road was adequately signed. I therefore cannot be found guilty of the alleged contravention.

I request that your authority therefore provide me with details of: 

The Traffic Parking Tribunal  (England and Wales)
PATAS (London)
NI Traffic Penalty Tribunal (Northern Ireland)
Scottish Parking Appeals Service (Scotland)

I enclose photos and supporting evidence to support my appeal for consideration.

I look forward to receiving confirmation that the ticket has been cancelled within 28 days.

Yours faithfully


You can apply various mitigating factors within the scope of a parking tickets and an appeal. Dyslexia is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. Parking ticket meters and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras do not take that into account. One of my followers saved £85 on that point by reading my book. That was money well spent!

You have a 1 in 4 chance of being hit with a parking ticket. Do you know how to successfully appeal a parking ticket? Did you win your appeal? It’s time for motorists to fight back.

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