If something you have ordered hasn’t arrived, you should contact the seller to find out where it is.

It’s the seller’s legal responsibility to make sure the item is delivered to you.  They should chase the delivery company and let you know what’s happened to your item.

If your item wasn’t delivered to the location you agreed (for example – it was left with your neighbour without your consent), it is the seller’s legal responsibility to resolve the issue.

If the item does not turn up, you are legally entitled to a replacement or refund.


You can write to the seller and ask them to deliver the item again.  You should do this if the item was not delivered within a reasonable time or the item was not delivered by an agreed date.


You can ask for your money back if you don’t receive the item either:

  • within 30 days of buying it
  • on the date you agreed with the seller – if it was essential to recieve it by then (for example – for an event then or shortly after)

If the seller refuses to reimburse you, you should put your complaint in writing and follow their complaints procedure if they have one.

Other options include reporting the seller to a Trade Association, Trading Standards or claiming on your debit or credit card provider under their respective refund schemes.

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