A kind motorist blocks a speed camera and goes to the pub was featured in the Daily Mail. It was widely shared on social media and commented on, and it raises a few interesting aspects that are worth sharing with you.

At first glance, it appears that a member of the public is obstructing the Police in the course of their duties.


The van appears to be illegally parked, in which case that would invalidate any speeding tickets if it can be proved to be the case. Compliance with the Road Traffic Act cuts both ways, and a speeding ticket cannot be enforced if the operator is illegally parked.

Do we know that a Police officer is operating the laser device? This raises a couple of interesting points in itself.

First of all, you cannot be found guilty of obstructing a Police officer if a civilian is impersonating a Police Officer!

These devices are operated by civilians in the majority of cases and are simply meant to confirm a qualified opinion that a vehicle was speeding at that time. A civilian cannot (and is not) in a position to offer a qualified opinion, and this can only be done by a qualified Police officer.

Do we know that the operator has undertaken suitable training and can this be evidenced?


Motorists are finding inspiration in fighting alleged traffic offences from recent high profile cases where celebrities have hired Nick Freeman (otherwise known as ‘Mr Loophole’).

A motorist who bought my book and followed my advice successfully beat a speeding fine on temporary roadworks.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this motorist was being kind to block a speed camera and go to the pub, given that the operator was illegally parked?

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