How to claim for pothole damage to your car

Knowing how to claim for pothole damage to your car is becoming increasingly difficult due to Councils moving to a risk-based approach on claims. The underlying reason is because of cutbacks and to save on repairs and claims. This makes it nigh on impossible for...

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Parking apps problems and your consumer rights

Councils and private parking operators are forcing motorists to use parking apps with no other option to pay. Parking apps are not foolproof and come with various problems. Accessing an app with a reliable mobile phone signal is not guaranteed, especially in...

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Top motoring money saving tips that really work

Running a car has never been more expensive. With fuel prices at record highs, saving money wherever you can is more important now than ever before. Here are my top motoring money saving tips, and some of these won’t cost you a penny. Look for the arrow on the fuel...

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Top 10 winter motoring tips to keep you safe

Top 10 winter motoring tips to keep you safe Summer and driving on holidays and day trips seems like a long time ago now. Winter weather brings different hazards, so motorists have to adapt their driving to suit the conditions. This means that you have to plan ahead...

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Private parking tickets – what you need to know

PRIVATE PARKING TICKETS I know that this is a hot topic and a bone of contention with every motorist, so here are my top tips on how you can get private parking tickets cancelled. This is an unregulated industry that revolves around contract law with nearly 7m...

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