Warranties – what you need to know

This question was put to me after the Daily Mail feature that I took part in, hence writing about warranties and what you need to know. BACKGROUND "I bought a second-hand car in October 2018 and it has been a nightmare. I paid about £3,200 + my old car in exchange....

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Private parking tickets – what you need to know

BACKGROUND I know that this is a hot topic and a bone of contention with every motorist, so here are my top tips on how you can get private parking tickets cancelled. This is an unregulated industry that revolves around contract law with nearly 7m speculative invoices...

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Car problems and warranties – what to look out for

I see car problems and warranties on a daily basis, yet most people don't seem to know what to look out for. This motorist has a well-known problem, he tagged in Hyundai and Evans Halshaw on Twitter, it travelled far and wide and caught my attention. BACKGROUND This...

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DVLA faces watchdog inquiry in to sharing driver details

The DVLA faces a watchdog inquiry regarding potential breaches of GDPR Data Protection regulations for sharing personal details of 23 million motorists last year. This has been widely reported, although this has been under the spotlight for quite some time amid...

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Mobile speed cameras and illegally parked operators

A case about mobile speed cameras and illegally parked operators struck a chord with me as I cover this precise scenario in my book. Interestingly for me, my first blog in April 2016 was about a similar scenario. BACKGROUND A Council speed trap officer was illegally...

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