A motorist has been told to pay a £1,260 fine in a pay-and-display area behind an Iceland store where he works by a Scottish Court in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders.

His car was ticketed over several months. He chose not to pay the £60 tickets or answer council letters requesting him to reveal the identity of the culprit.

The fine equals the amount of the fines that remain outstanding for ignoring the letters and he has to pay the fine on top, meaning that it has doubled at the stroke of a pen.

The Council took him to Court and he pleaded guilty.



Tickets issued by Councils are different to private land invoices.

It seems to be a myth in Scotland that you can get away with parking fines and charges by not disclosing the identity of the culprit, and a few test cases have proved this otherwise.

A landmark ruling in Dundee set a legal precedent and bankrupted this motorist who thought that she could ignore private parking tickets without any repercussions.


There is a possibility that it could have been contested on technicalities such as obscured signs, incorrect wording on the paperwork and other aspects.

Illegal signs = illegal fines. 


Private parking operators are unregulated and the industry is based on contract law. This is a growing menace with motorists being exploited. It is expected that up to 8.6 million motorists will be hit with these speculative invoices in 2019, which is a 20% increase on the previous year.

Most motorists don’t fully understand how this works and the implications involved. It’s time for you to fight back.

How well do you know the law when it comes to parking tickets issued by Councils and speculative invoices issued by unregulated private parking firms? Have you successfully cancelled a parking ticket?

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