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Pandemic: My story

A pandemic struck the UK with a vengeance in March 2020 and whilst everyone was aware of it sweeping through Europe with catastrophic results, nobody was prepared for the impact it would have on life as we know it in the UK.

Scott developed flu-like symptoms on 17th March, which was 6 days before Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, announced a lockdown that would change our lives forever.

This has had a profound impact on everyone’s lives, least of all for those who have succumbed to it.

There is no cure. The symptoms and infection itself are random and unpredictable. All you are given in hospital is Amoxicillin, paracetamols, oxygen and water. Whether you survive or not simply depends on how your immune system reacts to it.

This is his story which takes you from the initial symptoms to being hospitalised and a haphazard recovery which may take years to fully complete.

Every case is different and unique, and what he saw and experienced was simply shocking in parts and a revelation.

He says, “It has been a harrowing experience that will never leave me and one that I feel compelled to share”.

How To Complain: The Consumer Guide to Resolve Complaints and Motoring Disputes

As featured on BBC Radio Scotland and in the Daily Mail.

Are you fed up of being fobbed off when you have a legitimate complaint?

Do you simply think it’s the way of the world and there is nothing you can do about it? Think again!

I can show you how to effectively complain to get fast results and good compensation with the minimum of effort and fuss on your part. This isn’t about complaining for the sake of it – this is about effectively complaining to hold individuals and firms to account, seek redress, raise standards and improve customer service for everyone.

My book spans 7 consumer laws including the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the General Data Protection Regulation Act (“GDPR”) 2018, Freedom of Information Act, Small Claims, the Misrepresentation Act 1967, the role of the Ombudsman and various aspects of the Road Traffic Act including pothole claims, parking tickets, speeding offences, car hire contracts and other motoring scenarios over 3 jurisdictions namely the Isle of Man, Scotland and England and Wales.

Throughout the book I refer to real life cases and give you all the tools you need to win disputes. There are templates and guidance on legislation to seal your case from the outset and secure a quick resolution in your favour.

This second edition has been updated to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018 (“GDPR”), which has replaced the Data Protection Act 1998 (2002 in the Isle of Man).

How To Complain: The Consumer Guide to Cancelling Parking Tickets and Winning Pothole Claims

Have you ever received a parking ticket? Was it fair? If you did ever get one, would you know how to appeal it? Do you know how to easily win pothole claims? Every motorist needs this pocket guide book in their glovebox.

Private parking tickets and pothole claims are two of the biggest issues that face motorists today. It is such a complex and grey area that is not regulated and revolves around contract law, and few people understand the differences between official parking tickets issued by the local authorities and tickets issued by private parking firms.

It is clearly profitable and motorists are just seen as easy pickings because they do not understand how to tackle this scourge. I have decided to shine a spotlight on this topic to simplify it, clarify your rights and how you can fight back against it.

The law differs right across the British Isles, so I have looked at how you can deal with parking tickets in Scotland, England and Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

I explain the difference between parking tickets issued by local authorities and private parking firms, various ways to cancel a parking ticket, how to lodge and win an appeal, the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018 and how to sue for breaches and damages based on your data (which belongs to you) being misused by private parking firms.

The final section covers pothole claims and how you can easily hold the authorities to account.

Joining The Scottish Police Force: Questions, Answers, Competencies and the Interview

Scott has had hundreds of interviews over the years in the public and private sector and knows precisely what to expect and how to secure an interview.This advice, awareness and knowledge will:•Tell you what the core competencies are (Job Knowledge, Respect for Diversity, Service Delivery, Problem Solving, Communication and Personal Effectiveness)•How you can prepare your answers based on your own personal experiences around a breakdown of the core and behavioural competencies•Popular questions and answers based on my own personal experience •What to expect at the interview stage and how you will be assessed by Police Scotland•Be remembered as the candidate of choice who was better prepared and had something different to offer.

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