A feature stating that Northumberland tops a national list for pothole repairs is being mooted as a success story. although it depends on which side of the fence you view it.

Northumberland is a large county with over 3,000 miles of roads. Many of the roads are rural and it is the least densely populated county in England. I am originally from Prudhoe in Northumberland, so I still follow the news across the county.


The problem I have, and this is prevalent everywhere, is that the quality of the repairs is atrocious. Anyone can throw some hot tar out of a bucket and pat it down with a machine or drive back and forward over it in a truck.

This fine craftsmanship was made in Edinburgh in the space of a few minutes, although I’m sure that nowhere else is much better!


It’s all very well for Northumberland County Council to say they have repaired more potholes than anywhere else, but to what standard are we measuring this against?

It’s noticeable when you drive from Cumbria into Northumberland that the quality of the roads is significantly much worse. That begs the question, “What standard and quality are these repairs being measured against and how often are they revisited for repeat repairs?”

I say that because I see the same ‘repairs’ made at least twice a year in Edinburgh. How is that measured in statistics?


The authorities hide behind legalese to frustrate legitimate claims from motorists. You have a 29% chance of winning a pothole claim in Edinburgh, yet I won my pothole claim within 4 weeks. This rate would rise much further if motorists knew precisely how to uphold their claims. It is becoming increasingly difficult to win pothole claims because claims handling firms are working in cahoots with local authorities to decline all claims.

I submitted a Freedom of Information request to Edinburgh City Council asking how much was spent each year on pothole repairs, which led to me being featured in the Edinburgh Evening News.

Claims and repair costs are soaring, yet councils are cutting payouts. This is simply unacceptable. If councils are not repairing potholes properly or compensating motorists, where is the money going?

Motorists are being hammered from all angles and deserve much better. We are not getting any bang for our buck and quality over quantity should be the mantra here. It’s time for you to fight back.

Have you won a pothole claim? Do you know how to?

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