This story about obscured and hidden parking signs came from a flight attendant on a flight from London City to Edinburgh after spending a day at the Daily Mail’s offices for a photoshoot as part of a feature on ordinary folk who have become consumer champions.


A motorist parked in a service station at night, did not see the sign stating that the restrictions limited parking for 2 hours or less and was hit with a parking ticket.

The sign in question was about the size of an A3 piece of paper in an unlit car park. This was clearly set as a trap by the car park operator as a revenue raising exercise, which is one of many tools they and Councils are using for that same purpose.  It is illegal, it is immoral and it is certainly not ethical.

obscured-and-hidden-parking signs-what-to-look-out-for


Any sign has to be clear for all to see. If a sign does not meet that criteria, it cannot be said that the road or car park is adequately signed.

I would have smashed this by stating that the sign does not meet the prescribed criteria for such signs in a public space. As the car park was not adequately lit, the sign was obscured as nobody could see it. Therefore, you were not given sufficient guidance to make an informed decision.

Illegal signs = illegal fines.

They would argue that it is private land, but the facts remains the same and a Court would agree.

I have published a few blogs on parking tickets to shine a spotlight on this. You will find these blogs an interesting read;

I have also looked at obscured and confusing road signs and a motorist beat a speeding fine on temporary roadworks based on my advice.

Motorists are being ripped off left, right and centre. You need to take a leaf out of my book and fight back.

How well do you know the law? Have you been able to successfully cancel a parking ticket based on obscured and hidden parking signs?

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