Did you know that package holidays, school and business trips are covered by the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangement Regulations 2018? This is usually referred to as the Package Travel Regulations 2018.

Anything that goes wrong is a breach of contract and you are entitled to various remedies including compensation. Package holidays give you much better protection than booking flights and accommodation separately. This has been proved during the coronavirus pandemic with consumers being left struggling to get refunds on flights and holidays that have been booked separately.

Package holidays also offer unknown benefits that you would not consider. The Supreme Court ruled against Kuoni and found them liable in a tourist’s rape ordeal. She was walking through hotel grounds when an electrician offered to show her a shortcut to reception and raped her.

It has been proved in this case that the obligations for tour operators extends beyond just accommodation, meals and transport. They also have a duty of care to ensure the safety of their customers.


I wrote about a package holiday that went horribly wrong for one family in Greece which elaborates on this. This package holiday was booked with Thomas Cook which sadly no longer exists, although it has since risen from the ashes. I discussed Thomas Cook with a fellow consumer champion who also took part with me in the same feature in the Daily Mail.


Fellow consumer champion Lady Janey has written a guide on 10 ways to get your refund and your money back, which is useful in these scenarios.

Your rights if an airline or holiday company goes into administration varies depending on your circumstances. Package holidays always offer the best protection.

Disputes can be dealt with in a Small Claims Court as a last resort. You need to give a trader one final chance to remedy your complaint before filing a Small Claim. This is referred to as a pre-action protocol letter.

Do you prefer to book package holidays or flights and accommodation separately? Have you had any bad experiences with package holidays? If so, how did you resolve it?

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