Pandemic – My Story

A pandemic struck the UK with a vengeance in March 2020 and whilst everyone was aware of it sweeping through Europe with catastrophic results, nobody was prepared for the impact it would have on life as we know it in the UK.

Scott developed flu-like symptoms on 17th March, which was 6 days before Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, announced a lockdown that would change our lives forever.

He didn’t think for a second that he could potentially be the next victim.

This is his story which takes you from the initial symptoms to being hospitalised and a haphazard recovery which may take years to fully complete.

Every case is different and unique, and what he saw and experienced was simply shocking in parts and a revelation.

He says, “It has been a harrowing experience that will never leave me and one that I feel compelled to share”. 

Pandemic – My Story can be read on any electronic device and as a paperback.

Interview with Scott Dixon on Channel 5 News with Claudia-Liza Armah and Dr Sarah Jarvis – 22.06.2020 

Reviews of Pandemic – My Story

I Warburton – Coping with Coronavirus

This short account of Scott Dixon’s experience of coronavirus is at once both easily readable for the person buying it and horrific in its detail. Scott has chronicled a period of around 8 weeks from the first symptoms to the very beginnings of recovery and has done so with refreshing honesty.

I read this at a single sitting and was bowled over by such excellent descriptive writing. This book should be required reading for all dealing with the current crisis in any capacity and I hope that it will dispel any idea that this terrible illness is just a bit like mild flu. May I conclude by wishing Scott an eventual complete recovery and saying how much I look forward to reviewing his work again in the future.

E Paterson – Coronavirus and Back Again (a survivor’s tale!)

A very readable account of the author’s own experience of surviving the Coronavirus. Scott takes the reader on a roller coaster of a journey, where a fairly unremarkable itchy wrist heralded the onset of excruciating headaches & a veritable panoply of other symptoms delivering him into an isolation hospital ward and finally home again.

At a time of wall to wall coronavirus coverage, I found it particularly interesting to read of his interactions with the UK’s health services at the very start of the pandemic. I enjoyed reading the book, confess that I’m glad it didn’t happen to me, and overall it’s strengthened my drive to follow the health services’ advice to avoid catching Coronavirus…… I’m passing my book onto my folks to help encourage them to stay the course of lockdown….. It’s abundantly clear it’s worth it to avoid Scott’s experience.

Amanda K Lonie – Fantastic Read

I couldn’t put Scott’s book down once I started reading it! For all you hear people’s stories on the news and media, reading it first hand from someone you know was something else!

The whole experience must have been terrifying & the book portrays Scott’s real feelings & fears. A great read despite this being someone’s worst nightmare! I recently spoke to another Covid19 survivor in my locality & similar to Scott’s case, your priorities & outlook change so much once you’ve survived this. But that’s what you are if you come out the other side, a true survivor living to tell your tale. Thanks for sharing this experience.

The Grumpy Git in the media

Scott Dixon is a consumer expert who has been featured in the Daily Mail as 1 of 5 of the best consumer champions in the UK. He has also appeared in the local and national media covering consumer issues and specialising in motoring disputes. He also regularly takes part in BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Clever About Cash’ consumer programmes giving advice to listeners on motoring issues.

The Daily Telegraph has featured him giving advice on tenancy agreements and disputes with rogue landlords. He has also been featured in the Daily Mirror with Consumer Lawyer Dean Dunham providing guidance on how to dispute parking tickets in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Daily Mail sought his opinion as a consumer law expert on a legal blunder where the police and local authorities do not have the powers to charge motorists for towing and impounding vehicles.

He has also been in The Times speaking about Covid inflation and The Metro giving motoring money saving tips.


Are you struggling to resolve a complaint? Read the book and blog and still struggling to resolve your dispute? If so, Scott can help. He has many years of successfully resolving complaints and disputes under his belt, and he knows how to easily crack the most difficult of consumer issues and motoring disputes and get results every time.

Resolving complaints takes time – from looking at the correspondence, gauging the direction to take it and providing specific advice. He can, for a fee, scrutinise your complaint and give you bespoke advice to unlock your dispute and seek redress.

Contact him with a brief outline of your case and he will be in touch if he can help you further.

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