An interesting case came to light from a friend who bought my book to see if she could cancel a parking ticket. I actually spoke about this with the Daily Mail when I was featured as 1 of 5 of the best consumer champions in the UK.

I have published a few blogs on parking tickets to shine a spotlight on this. You will find these blogs an interesting read;

Whilst she didn’t find what she was looking for, I asked the question to find out what her story was and I was able to successfully resolve it.


The background to this is that this individual chose to pop to the local hardware store to buy some paint on Easter Monday in my old home town. She parked in a loading bay opposite this store for 5 minutes to do so as she is recovering from an operation that has temporarily incapacitated her. She didn’t see a problem in parking in a loading bay on this occasion as the shops on that side of the street were all closed, the loading bay wasn’t required, the street was deserted and nobody was obstructed or inconvenienced by this.

In the meantime, an overzealous parking attendant slapped a parking ticket on her car.


There are various mitigating circumstances here such as;

  • This individual was actually loading their car and used the loading bay for its intended purpose
  • It was Easter Monday and a Bank Holiday, the streets were deserted and nobody would expect the parking laws to be enforced with such enthusiasm by a parking attendant
  • Parking is free on Easter Monday in Edinburgh, a capital city, and any reasonable person would expect that in a small town where most of the shops were closed
  • The signs do not clearly state otherwise so it can be argued on that point.  If a sign is unclear, it cannot be said that the road and parking restrictions are adequately signed

This type of behaviour by parking attendants doesn’t really convey the right impression to those who wish to shop locally and promote Prudhoe as a town that welcomes locals and visitors to do just that. It just smacks of overzealous and unjust behaviour in the whole scheme of things.


I contacted the local Councillor to ask if he could help on this occasion as he is keen to promote the town as a destination to ‘shop local’ and as a business and consumer friendly town with plenty to offer. I am pleased to say that he will intervene on this occasion and I am confident that we will get this parking ticket cancelled and save my friend £60.

She paid £3.99 for my book and whilst she didn’t quite find what she was looking for, she found it to be an easy read and she has saved £60 by elaborating on the underlying issue which prompted her to buy it.

The purpose of my book is to educate and inspire others to seek redress against injustice and this is a great example of that.

I cover obscured road signs, signs on temporary roadworks, the legality of the use of speed guns, parking tickets and much more in my book complete with various templates based on tried and tested cases that work.

I have also published a pocket guide book for motorists titled ‘How To Complain: The Consumer Guide to Cancelling Parking Tickets and Winning Pothole Claims’. This covers everything you need to know.

I have done the hard work so you don’t have to!

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