PAYPAL FRAUD – 23/11/2017

I have just been hit with a (very small) PayPal fraud over the past few days, which I thought I would cover in a blog to make you aware of what to expect if you find yourself in the same predicament.

In essence, I received an e-mail last Friday 17th November 2017 with a PayPal receipt which I deleted as I thought it was spam.  It transpires that PayPal never send spam e-mails and I was able to recall it to complete the picture.

I checked my bank account tonight online and noticed a transaction for £1.95 with a narrative stating, “Direct Debit First Payment”.  This was news to me, so I checked my Direct Debits and it transpires that someone in Russia has hacked my PayPal account, set up a Direct Debit and has tested my account with a small transaction hoping that I wouldn’t notice prior to hitting my account with a big transaction that would take a lot of time to resolve.

I contacted my Bank and after being passed around the houses in India, it transpires that they could not help me and I was told that I need to raise it with PayPal.

Incredible, isn’t it?  Someone in Russia enacts a fraud on your account, sets up a Direct Debit and there is nothing that your Bank can do to help you.  My contact in the Fraud Department in India even suggested that I do not cancel the Direct Debit!

So, I have had to reset my PayPal account that I rarely use and raise a query with PayPal who have in turn e-mailed the seller in Russia asking them to respond within 7 days.

I will get this resolved in due course but this is clearly a trend that people need to be aware of.

This is one of several PayPal frauds that I am aware of which I shall cover on separate blogs in due course.

I would recommend that you check your bank account online once a week to ensure that you are aware of any fraudulent activity, so you can act on it and nip any issues in the bud before they evolve in to something that will not only take a lot of time to resolve but will leave you out of pocket in the interim.

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