Poor mobile phone coverage is an ongoing problem no matter where you live around the UK.

A USwitch survey has revealed that almost 30m mobile phone users have problems with poor mobile phone coverage at home.

You can turn on Wi-Fi calling to try and overcome this so your phone automatically defaults to your home Wi-Fi, although in reality it is not foolproof.

Your telecoms provider may say that you will incur a cancellation charge if you wish to switch to another provider. This is not true if you have good reason to do so.



The Consumer Rights Act 2015 states that all goods and services should be fit for purpose, as described, satisfactory quality and last a reasonable length of time. All services should be carried out with due skill and care.

You have entered into a contract for a mobile phone service with uninterrupted coverage that you can rely on. Consumers have rights and expectations. It is not an unreasonable expectation to have a decent, continuous mobile phone coverage that you can rely on without interruptions.

You can cancel the contract without any charges under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 where the services provided are;

  • Faulty
  • Not as described or fit for purpose
  • Have not lasted a reasonable length of time
  • Services need to be carried out with due skill and care


Clearly explain your consumer rights politely to a representative in-store to try and resolve your dispute and cancel the contract.

If you cannot resolve this in-store, escalate it by formally putting a cancellation and rejection in writing to the Store Manager. Clearly explain that you wish to cancel your contract in accordance with your consumer rights and the terms and conditions agreed and state the reasons why.

You are entitled to itemise any costs and losses incurred due to loss of service and breach of contract.

A mobile phone coverage map is merely a guide and does not truly reflect the reality that consumers face.


A Small Claims Court would support this stance, although taking a case to Court has to be a last resort. You have to be seen to have followed the complaints procedure through in its entirety before taking a case to Court.

Do you have problems with poor mobile phone coverage? Have you been able to cancel a contract based on poor mobile phone coverage?

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