Occasionally someone contacts me direct via this website on problems with car repairs.

Car dealerships and poor customer service tends to go hand in glove, and I have personally had a few bad experiences that inspired me to write and publish a consumer book for others to learn from.



I bought your book as I’m having trouble with a Peugeot dealership that was supposed to mend my van under warranty. The problem is an oil leak.

First time they took it in they put a new seal around the sump free of charge, this did not solve the problem.

Second time they took it in they had it for a week and said it was the oil filter and needed to change it at a cost of £190 to myself which I paid. This also has not fixed the oil leak.

I’m wondering if you could help me with what to do next as when I ask to speak to someone they always take my number and promise someone will ring me back, but nobody does.

Kind regards,



Hello Gerry,

Thank you for your custom and also for contacting me.

The way I see this, the garage has treated this as a warranty claim and the problem identified fell outside of the warranty remit, which led you to enter into a contract to get the problem remedied at a cost of £190 without success.

£190 seems quite steep for an oil filter change and I would question that as well. Furthermore, given that it hasn’t resolved the problem, did it need changing in the first place? When was the van serviced?

This falls under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

The product and service you have paid for should meet the following criteria;

  • Satisfactory quality
  • Fit for purpose
  • As described
  • Lasts a reasonable length of time

You are left with a problem that remains unsolved, does not meet the criteria above and nobody is prepared to help you further.


I would craft a letter addressed to the Dealer Principal with a timeline of events with wording along the lines of;

I have entrusted your dealership to identify and remedy the oil leak on more than one occasion without success.

I was initially led to believe that this was a warranty issue and a seal was required and fitted which did not resolve the leak. I was then advised that the oil filter needed to be changed at an additional cost of £190 and this has also not resolved the problem.

As you are no doubt aware, this falls under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 which states that a product and / or service should meet the following criteria;

  • Satisfactory quality
  • Fit for purpose
  • As described
  • Lasts a reasonable length of time

Nobody at your dealership is willing or able to return my calls or assist me further, hence why I am writing to you before I escalate this further with various options including involving Trading Standards, the Retail Motor Industry Federation and the Small Claims Court.

I trust that you can personally intervene and resolve this issue for me, and please advise how you would like me to proceed.

Yours sincerely,

I hope this helps Gerry, and please feel free to contact me direct if I can assist you further.


Your legal rights give you better protection than any warranty.

This customer’s experience is not an isolated case and I hear cases like this every day.

I have spoken about the importance of great customer service and how to encourage customer loyalty, yet car dealerships seem to generate more complaints than any other industry.

Have you had problems with car repairs and dealerships? Were you able to resolve it?

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