I received a query via my website last week on this topic, which appears time and time again with this particular dealership that advertises extensively on prime time TV, is a national well known brand and has real problems with customer service which are well documented on various forums.

I quote;

I reserved a car with (firm) and paid £200 to have it moved to Borehamwood from Blackpool.

I was told it would take up to 10 working days to move.

I got an email confirming the payment and reservation on the 21st June 2017. I called a couple of times for an update and was reminded it could take 10 working days to arrive in Borehamwood.

I called this morning for an update and was casually told that the car I had reserved has been sold to someone else. No explanation. When I complained, I got transferred 7 times to different branches/departments. When I mentioned the deposit I’d paid I was told there’s no-one around till next week to deal with refunds, despite another branch telling me I was being fobbed off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.


My response was;

Hello Sam,


In essence, it’s a clear breach of contract and you are entitled to a full refund.


I would do a sit in protest at 10am on a Saturday, create a shit storm and refuse to leave until you get your money back.




That’s my advice though in a nutshell.


Thank you for contacting me and have a read of a free sample of my book and let me know what you think?


Good luck and feel free to contact me if I can help you further.


Sometimes you have to simply play dirty to get the outcome you need and this could be played in different ways, although bear in mind that the Small Claims Court is always a last resort.

I believe that this firm has serious cashflow problems based on the consistency of countless complaints that span the UK and this individual had a lucky escape.

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