The Scotsman wrote about Scottish Councils fleecing motorists on parking charges which raised some interesting points.


Councils have been accused of ‘playing the percentages game’ to raise cash, knowing that 28% of drivers simply pay up without appealing even though they believe that they are in the right.

Councils have taken control of parking enforcement across Scotland and have raked in nearly £52.5m in the past 3 years on parking fines alone, with a 15% rise in parking fines being levied on motorists in the past 12 months.


Councils are issuing tickets for anything and everything and the default position is that if you don’t like it you can appeal. They then hide behind legalese jargon to frustrate claims, knowing that motorists often don’t know how to slice through it and feel intimated to just accept it without taking the risk of losing in Court.

One disabled motorist in Paisley commented on Facebook that they got a ticket for being parked in a high street disabled bay with a blue badge clearly displayed. The meter stated that disabled parking is free, yet every car in the disabled bays had a ticket. The reason given was that they were not displaying a valid payment voucher.

This individual went straight to their MSP’s office to seek help as the Council’s policy is to pay the fine and then appeal and you might get a refund.


Parking tickets and appeals is one of my specialities. I personally intervened for a friend who didn’t think she had a leg to stand on when she was caught out by an enthusiastic parking attendant on Easter Monday.

Obscured and confusing signs on bus lanes are another trap for unsuspecting motorists, with some landmark cases setting legal precedents. Motorists can use these as templates to contest similar cases.


You have a 54% chance of succeeding with a pothole claim on average across the UK, yet this rate would rise much further if motorists knew precisely how to uphold their claims.

You have a 29% chance of winning a pothole claim with Edinburgh City Council, yet I won my pothole claim within 4 weeks.

I have successfully contested numerous claims simply because it’s time that people made a stand and took these authorities on for blatantly trying to exploit those that pay their wages.


The Financial Conduct Authority began an investigation in to car insurers towards the end of 2018 amid concerns that motorists were being ripped off by unclear and unfair pricing premiums.

The persecution of drivers is never-ending with fuel prices, taxation, insurance rip-offs, road closures, potholes, Councils disputing legitimate claims, obscured signs on bus lanes and everything else under the guise of environmental policies.  This is completely unacceptable.

Councils and private parking operators are ripping motorists off left, right and centre and it’s time for you to fight back.

How well do you know your consumer rights? Have you successfully cancelled a parking ticket? If so, how did you do it?

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