St Ninian’s Isle is a ‘must see’ attraction in Shetland and is the largest natural tombolo in the UK.

I visited Shetland on a fly / drive holiday in the summer of 2011 for the first time simply because it was a place that I was just fascinated with. I wrote a blog afterwards to encapsulate what I found which was published by Promote Shetland to promote the Islands as a holiday destination.

I returned in the summer of 2012 on my scooter from the Isle of Man and again in January 2013 for the Up Helly Aa Viking Fire Festival.

Shetland is truly a magical place with a welcome, hospitality and charm that you won’t find anywhere else. It left a lasting impression on me, hence why I wrote that blog because I felt compelled to capture what I found.

This blog facilitated a private ticket only entry to a community hall for the Up Helly Aa all-night celebrations. Up Helly Aa definitely one for the bucket list (wrap up warm!).

This was my first piece of writing, which only took about 30 minutes to compose. Little did I realise that I had found a passion and flair for writing that I never knew I had, which led to me writing and publishing a consumer book in September 2016. I tied this in to a blog that has mushroomed ever since with a Facebook page (The Complaints Resolver), which has led me to being featured by BBC Radio Scotland and the Daily Mail based on consumers saving hundreds of thousands of pounds from taking my advice.

An unlikely spinoff is another website that I created in October 2018 to showcase my writing, which has led to me writing content for travel guides in Edinburgh and self-publishing books for aspiring authors.

I never expected this when I first set out on my writing journey. I have learnt so much and I have come a long way, yet I have only just begun really.


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