I thought I would write a blog about ‘Customer Services’ and ‘Disconnections’ following a colleague’s experience with Virgin this week.

In essence, she was paying £43 a month for landline, broadband and a TV package and Virgin wanted to increase this to £58.  She rang Customer Services who said that they could only knock £3.50 off it and there was nothing more they could do.

I suggested doing a comparison with Sky and to speak to the Disconnections Team armed with that knowledge to ask if they could do anything?  Lo and behold, she is now paying £42 a month and has saved about £155 which is more or less the cost of a TV licence.

I can usually knock my mobile and broadband down year on year by speaking to Disconnections, who have real clout when it comes to retaining customers and giving hefty discounts.

Car insurance and utility bills are a different ball game but nevertheless, I use USwitch ( for finding deals that energy providers don’t have on their own systems and various comparison sites for car insurance.

Worth knowing.

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