A reminder on Facebook today regarding a vehicle dispute I was involved in two years ago popped up, and I believe that this is a gem worth sharing with you.

To cut a long story short, I was sold a crock by a well known national dealership that promises to undercut ‘We Buy Any Car’ and other outlets and it lasted little more than 11 weeks.

They insisted that they had sold me a perfectly roadworthy car, the facts dictated otherwise and they were trying to shaft me basically.

I had a few tools in my locker to deal with this and one of them was to request documents to prove that the vehicle was sold without faults when I bought it, and documents to evidence that the car was fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality at the point of sale.

If they couldn’t provide that, it’s fair to say that my case would trump theirs in Court.

They obviously insisted that they had everything intact at their end and I simply didn’t believe it, as if that was the case the car would have lasted longer than 11 weeks.

Anyway, to cut a very long story short, they settled my claim on the back of an independent report that evidenced that the car did not meet the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and was uneconomical to repair.

That did not stop the same garage from putting the same car back on the road with a clean MOT for another couple of years, but that story is not mine to tell.

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