Are you struggling to get a refund? Are you experiencing issues with a company that isn’t playing fair? If you need help asserting your consumer rights then help is on hand in the form of a new wave of Consumer Champions. What are they and how can they help you?


The role of a Consumer Champion is to raise awareness of consumer rights and how to seek redress. They have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on how to resolve complaints and disputes with the minimum of fuss. It often starts with just one complaint for most of us, which becomes a passion and a time consuming one at that.

Consumer champions are recognised as go-to experts in their field, have published books, host blogs, create content as a source of reference, schedule it across social media channels and deal with a wealth of consumer issues. They are not paid for doing so.

Consumer champions share the same true characteristics. They are honest, sincere, passionate about consumer injustices and work together to make a difference to society. They focus on helping the most vulnerable customers affected wherever possible as a priority.

They do not criticise other Consumer Champions, experts, journalists and media figures in the public domain. All are doing the best they can and work closely together to achieve the same aims and goals. They help each other on different aspects of what they do – power in numbers every time.

With the best will in the world, Consumer Champions are not an unpaid Citizens Advice Bureau to deal with every single complaint that consumers have. This is the reason why they host blogs, create content and publish books to empower consumers so that they have the tools they need to complain effectively.



Consumer Champions can provide bespoke advice for a fee if necessary. You wouldn’t expect a plumber or any other expert and professional to work for free. They are no different. If they don’t put a price on their time, knowledge, skills and expertise they can’t expect anyone else to.

It is rewarding for Consumer Champions when they see the results from their work and are thanked for it. There will always be those who seek to criticise rather than praise, but their work will carry on regardless. I have personally saved consumers hundreds of thousands of pounds alone with the biggest claim of £23,000 just from someone buying my book. Now that’s what I call a result!

Do you need the help of a Consumer Champion? Would you like to be one?

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