I received a promotional e-mail yesterday in respect of the new release of a scooter by a manufacturer via the local motorbike dealership that I thought I would discuss in a blog.

Anyone that has been following my blog and social media page will be aware of the problems I have had in resolving a cracked panel that I believe was incurred during a service, which was reluctantly remedied and was handled badly by 1 of 3 Directors and shareholders of the business who goes by the title of ‘Motorcycle Service Manager’.

The mailshot came yesterday (28/06/2017) from the other Director and shareholder, who may have been unaware of my recent experience.  Nevertheless, to send me a mailshot inviting me to buy another scooter from a garage that I have had such a bad experience with is misguided at best, and it’s clear to me that this dealership has communication issues and cultural problems derived from being complacent knowing that they have the monopoly for this brand in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

I could have deleted the e-mail, but that wouldn’t address the issues they have and my first response was;

Hello Neil,

I wouldn’t buy a scooter from your dealership in light of the abrasive attitude of your fellow shareholder and Director (name), who I dealt with recently regarding a cracked panel on my scooter that was recently serviced by your garage.

The problem was remedied but his attitude and the whole experience of dealing with him has put me off ever buying another (brand). I have noted this on your social media page, and others have also commented on (name’s) attitude and lack of customer service skills.

You had a customer for life up to that point and I have ridden (brand) for over 20 years.

You can therefore remove me from your mailing list.

Best wishes,


This elicited the following reply;

Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience Scott. I will make sure you receive no further mail


My final and closing reply to clear up any confusion and focus their minds (and copying in the cuckoo in the nest) was as follows;

Good morning Neil,

It’s a shame but I’m not the only good customer you have lost due to the abrasive attitude of (name), which has been noted on your social media page.

You have a good brand, great staff and you and your other co-Director and shareholder are fine to deal with but you need to realise that (name) is affecting your brand and reputation and is costing you money. His arrogant and abrasive attitude is not only unnecessary but is completely at odds with what (brand) stands for, and I am inclined to bring this to (brand’s) attention. I can’t imagine having a similar experience with the likes of Marks and Spencer, where they simply take the view that the customer is always right (even if they are not) and offer a ‘no quibble’ refund and replacement.

I wrote and published a book last year which revolves around resolving consumer complaints and I run a consumer website that gets a lot of traffic in tandem with a social media page. I wrote about my recent experience with (name) and your garage, and I attach the link below for ease of reference.

I can’t say that I will never use your garage again, as I may need to out of necessity rather than choice. I have since arranged for the MOT and future servicing to be undertaken elsewhere despite your garage being literally around the corner from where I live, and I will be switching manufacturer in due course.

Enjoy your weekend.

Best wishes,


Most people wouldn’t bother in providing such valuable feedback to a business and I have been complimentary in the past on their social media page, but it just takes one fly in the ointment to damage a brand and reputation of a business (and this one is a Director and shareholder who should know better but is simply complacent and arrogant).  I had no qualms in copying him in on my closing e-mail and if there is a lesson to be learnt in customer service, this is it.

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