I thought I would touch on this simply because there appears to be a tendency (or maybe a cultural aspect among British people) not to complain for a few reasons;

  • It’s considered being negative by complaining
  • We don’t like confrontation or be seen as making a fuss over nothing
  • It won’t change anything – it is the way it is and nothing will be done about it

I am sure you could maybe add more to this, although I am sure you get my point.

There is an art to complaining effectively, and I featured a funny article by The Poke on one of my first blogs here that we can all take something from.

However, I think complaining is a good thing if it’s done properly because you are providing a firm with valuable feedback on deficiencies within its operations that clearly need looking at. By doing so you are helping them to ‘raise their game’ and remedy faults that you have taken the time to point out to them.

After all, if you have not taken the time to do that, they could be losing valuable custom by those who prefer not to make a fuss and spend elsewhere. You are helping them increase sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty by speaking up.

Isn’t that a good thing? You are helping them improve on their offering, and they should reciprocate by thanking you for taking the time to do so and make it worth your while.

Now that brings me on to the importance of great customer service.  In an era where everything is much the same, this is the one aspect that sets a business apart from its peers.

If you are going to complain, you have to do it promptly and in the right vein. It is important to put everything in writing in most cases because it is too easy to ‘blow your top’, lose sight of your point and the remedy you are seeking and get fobbed off in the process.

It is worth remembering to follow this tick list;

  • Outline what you have bought
  • Why you are not happy with the purchase
  • Quote the correct legislation and your rights
  • Conclude by noting what compensation you are seeking to close it

I am not talking about complaining for the sake of it and I can’t advocate the compensation culture that prevails nowadays. I am simply encouraging you to make a stand against rogue outfits and shoddy service and get things put right not just for yourself, but for everyone else.

We put up with any old rubbish in this country without piping up, and there are too many nodding dogs in this world that won’t do what I do and hold people and firms to account for their actions.

That is why I wrote my consumer book as I have had a lifetime of it. I wanted to help others seek redress and get the compensation they deserve by simplifying various consumer laws with templates that are tried and tested and work.

I am pleased to say that my book has saved many people hundreds of thousands of pounds, and the reviews on Amazon and feedback I have personally received are very rewarding for me to read.

It’s a legacy I am proud of insofar as turning a lifetime of bad and unique experiences round and creating a book so others can learn from it and do what I do.

What are your thoughts on this?


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