Welcome to my guest series where I invite fellow bloggers to write about their blog, how they make money from it and share their top tips and success stories. I would like to give a warm welcome to Eileen, from Your Money Sorted, to tell me all about her blog.

Please tell me about your blog and why you started to blog about money

My blog is Your Money Sorted and I started it after realising that my feelings about money were probably being experienced by many other women. I had grown to hate money, and to hate dealing with it, because I always felt that we never had enough.

As part of my journey to improving my relationship with money, I started learning about money mindset, and was totally fascinated. Until that point, I had thought that managing money was totally about the figures, and balancing the books! However, I soon discovered that is only a tiny part of being “good” with money.

It’s much more important to understand your feelings about money, how they can impact on the choices you make and how understanding this can help to make a huge difference to your financial situation.

Once I realised that I could change my own life by changing my attitude to money, I really wanted to help others to make huge changes to their lives too.

What was your first ever blog post?

It was a post about energy saving, and it is now deleted, because it was truly awful!

I think we all feel like that when we look at our first blog posts.

What is your favourite / most popular post?

My favourite post is this one about the difference between looking wealthy and being wealthy.

That’s a great blog Eileen and one that everyone should read. There is something everyone can take from that and one that I live by nowadays.

My most popular post is about the best discounts for teachers.

Another good blog Eileen. I can see why it would be popular given what you cover and aspects you raise awareness on.

Have you ever had a parking ticket? Was it deserved?

Nope – no parking tickets here. I am a rule follower, so have managed to avoid them….so far.

You have a 1 in 4 chance of getting one so you’re doing well so far!

What’s your biggest money failure?

Spending 10 years thinking that I was “poor” and “couldn’t afford it”, when in actual fact, it was the decisions that I was making that were making me feel that way. Once I looked at my spending, and identified where my money was going, I could clearly see that I was spending money on things that added no value to my life. By identifying the things that made me happiest, and then spending the majority of my money on those things, I now feel lucky and wealthy. Not because I have loads more money than I had, but simply because I am spending the money I do have on the things that make me happy!

That is a great outlook to have and abide by and one I follow. It never fails to amaze me how so many people complain about being skint yet think nothing of buying a coffee each morning and lunch from various outlets rather than take a packed lunch to work. It’s all about priorities.

What’s your biggest money success?

Overpaying our mortgage! It’s scary how much can be saved in interest, by doing it.

That’s mine too. It’s incredible how much money you can save by overpaying on your mortgage. I am lucky to be mortgage free at the age of 43 when I relocated to Edinburgh by overpaying on my mortgage over the years in the Isle of Man on a rising property market. I am now saving at least £750 pcm on rent for a 1 bed flat based on living reasonably frugally over the years.

Do you ever complain to get redress and refunds if service or goods don’t come up to scratch?

Yes, if I am not happy with a service or product, then I will make a complaint. I think that brands and companies, should be held accountable for poor service, and they should want to hear from customers who are not happy, so that they have the opportunity to put it right.

Totally agree. If you don’t speak up, you can’t give traders the opportunity to put things right and it’s only right that brands and firms should be held accountable. Firms need to know where they are going wrong and what they are doing right. It’s about the principle and complaining effectively for me rather than moaning and doing nothing about it.

Potholes and the state of the roads are the bane of our lives. Have you ever won a pothole claim? Do you know how easy it is?

I have never needed to make a pothole claim. To be honest I worry that if everyone keeps claiming for pothole damage, then there is less money available to fix the roads, thus creating a vicious circle. However, maybe the compensation money comes from insurance companies, rather than from the repairs budget does it?

Interesting point Eileen, and it’s one that is mooted from time to time.

Personally, I think if the roads were fixed properly in the first place there would be more money available to do more repairs and improve the standard of the roads. Claims handlers try to dismiss legitimate claims by suggesting that motorists claim on their insurance to avoid liability.

We pay enough for our insurance as it is with 12% tax on our policies and that will only increase further if people do claim on their own insurance rather than hold the authorities to account.

Our vehicles need to pass a MOT to be fit for purpose for the roads, yet the roads are not fit for purpose for our vehicles to drive on!

Which Moneyblogger(s) do you most admire and why?

Sara from Debt Camel is an amazing woman, who spends hours researching and writing blog posts to help people who are in debt. Her posts are very helpful and detailed and she takes the time to reply individually to people who require a little more support. She doesn’t make a penny from this blog, and does it simply because she loves helping people to get out of debt.

It is admirable what Sara does with her blog. There are so many bloggers out there who are really generous and kind with their time, advice and resources and I hope to be able to repay that in time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Just about ready to head off round Europe in my camper van for a year! I will be taking my laptop with me, so that I can do a couple of hours a day, so that I can continue to help teachers to build better, happier and more financially secure lives.

Lucky you – that’s great! That’s my aspiration too. I have hankered for a motorhome for years and I know the model I want to do the same as you.

Thank you once again Eileen for sharing your story with me. You gave some great answers that I enjoyed reading and your website is a valuable source of information and inspiration for everyone.

Have a look on www.yourmoneysorted.co.uk and see for yourself.

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